This Page is a Dedication To my Friend and Someone I considered my Brother.
Phoenix was loved by many people on the internet, he was a very caring and friendly person.

Phoenix Passed Away On Nov 28th 1998

He had Cystic Fibrosis, but this never stopped him from coming online to speak with his
many friends, in fact IRC let him do things that his body normally would not let him do.
I first Met Phoenix (Steve) on newnet over a year ago now, and I fell into a fast friendship
with him, he was always wanting to learn how I did this or did that, but I think what he never
realized is that in the end he had taught me something about friendship in return for everything
I taught him, I can only hope that our friendship together made him as happy as I was, which
I am sure it did, cause he would make a point to tell me this when we talked.


Steve, wherever you are, know this, I loved you as my own brother
and would do anything for you, you were a great person with
an even greater heart, I'm just sorry our time together was so short,
I can only hope that we all end up together in the end of things, for
your friendship is something I could never be without
even in death your friendship will live on in myself and many others whom
you touched with your heart.


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